Department of Education Industry and Digital Media, established in 2011, aims to nurture talents in digital media practice. It helps students to develop capability in designing innovative cultural & educational products with industry-university cooperation. It connects theory and practice, and makes students well-prepared for their career.


   Compulsory course
       Introduction to Management
       Project Discussion (I)
       Project Discussion (II)
       Project Discussion (III)
       Project Discussion( V)
       Professional Practice
       Computer Graphic
       Graduation topics (Ⅰ)
       Graduation Showcase(Ⅰ)
       Graduation topics (Ⅱ)
       Graduation Showcase (Ⅱ)
       Design and Management of Activity
       Creative life Product Design
Elective course
       Digital Photography
       Dissemination and Communication
       Design Introduction
       Digital Sound Effects and Music
       2D Animation
       Software Package
       Design Drawing
       Website Design and Development
       Design and Production of Digital Films
       Application of Mobile Leaning System
       Graphic Design and Creation
       Graphical Interface Programming
       Analysis of Textbooks and Educational Materials
       Consumer Behavior
       Systematic Instructional Design
       Product Design and Analysis
       Introduction to Book Design
       Display Design
       Book Editing and Production
       Digital Lighting and Texturing
       3D Animation
       Psychology of Visual Design
       Human Computer Interface
       Digital Publication
       Creative Media Appreciation
       Character and Scene Design
       Interactive Media Design
       Advertisement Design
       App Design

Faculty members


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